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We have a very professional and well qualified team working here at the Holistic Centre. As a sole practitioner life can be lonely and we find it is so nice to have each other to 'bounce off' , share a coffee together. We all run our own diaries and businesses so we are in control of our professional life but we joint advertise together which cuts costs and together gives us a bigger profile. If you are a professional Holistic Practitioner and would like to join our team please give me (Jan Taylor) a call or email and we can arrange to meet up.

We have now expanded the Holistic Centre and have another room available so we are looking for new Holistic Practitioners to work in this tranquil centre. Call Jan Taylor now for more information .....................

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There is increasing evidence to support the holistic idea that how you are feeling mentally and emotionally can have a direct impact on your physical health. For example, stress has been linked to a decreased functioning of the immune system and may raise cholesterol levels. Emotional stress caused by grief, shock, abandonment, mental exhaustion or major life changes such as moving home or caring for a sick relative, can leave us drained and prone to illness.

Homeopathy works on the mental/emotional as well as the physical level and is especially useful through difficult life events. Once starting homeopathy and gaining an understanding of how it works, people often say they now recognise how not expressing or dealing with their emotions can and does have a detrimental effect on their health.

The Holistic approach - This is one of the main differences between homeopathy and conventional medicine. Homeopathic medicine treats the person as a whole, rather than treating specific conditions in isolation. For example if you were suffering with claustrophobia, depression and backache, the conventional route might involve two separate courses of treatment from different specialists; by contrast a homeopath is a specialist in people, so will consider all the symptoms together as a whole (whether mental, emotional or physical) addressing them with a single prescription.

Is Homeopathy safe? - Homeopathic medicines have an excellent safety record and because homeopathic medicine is non-toxic it can be used for all - from babies, children, adults to the elderly and frail and is especially safe to use in pregnancy too.

Your symptoms - The body produces symptoms to alert you to the fact that it needs some help on either a physical or emotional level. I call homeopathy “mind medicine” as homeopaths not only treat the physical symptoms of illness they treat the mind first and foremost, in turn the body responds and starts the process of self-healing.

‘Coughs and sneezes spread diseases’ – it’s that time of year again when the colds and chest infections are around. Why not try the natural approach this year to enhance your immune system naturally not chemically. NO side effects from homeopathy just a naturally better functioning immune system.

Post Operation –This is a time when people can be at most risk of infections when they are depleted, so another great time to start homeopathy. One patient of mine who had been through breast cancer and chemotherapy writes:-

“The effects of chemotherapy and the associated tiredness, sickness and lethargy, as well as confusion and concerns that go along with this disease made me turn to homeopathy after my operation. I have now regained the energy I had before, lost weight, and turned my outlook into a more positive one. I know I have turned a corner in my health and well-being and think more positively about life and it started when I had homeopathy. All I would like to say in conclusion, is that homeopathy has changed my life in a way that I don’t wholly understand, I am now both intrigued, motivated and inspired by this form of treatment of the mind, body and spirit and it has certainly been the catalyst in producing the healthier more alive me and I would have no hesitation in recommending homeopathy to anyone.”

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