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In 2009 I went on a residential course in SPAIN a week long seminar with Colin Griffith [pictured]. This was an amazing week and something I have always wanted to learn about. Colin Griffith is a highly respected Homeopath, gifted writer and teacher, with more than 20 years’ experience. His approach I felt would enrich and deepen my understanding and knowledge of homeopathy.

Chakras are energy centres within the body, there are seven of these centres of power within the body, from the Base chakra at the bottom, ascending upwards. Next is the Sacral chakra, the Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and at the top is the Crown Chakra. In homeopathy we have remedies that have particular affinities for and influence on the chakras. So understanding this system is another means of getting to the correct remedy and therefore helping to heal more patients on a deeper level, spiritually as well as emotionally and physically.

In 2011 again under the expert guidance of Colin Griffith, I attended more seminars; HOMEOPATHY, INTERGRATING CHINESE MEDICAL PHILOSPHY and the CHAKRAS.
Colin strongly advocates the combined study and integration, into homeopathic thinking, of oriental medical philosophy along with a thorough understanding of the Chakras.

So since 2009 I have been studying Colin’s somewhat different approach and learning all I can about the Chakras and Meridians and how they can be incorporated into my homeopathic practice.

Although I have been in professional practice for 12 years now following on from a four year initial diploma course and a wonderful grounding in homeopathy, I continue to broaden my knowledge of this wonderful art and science by attending continued professional development courses and seminars as I am passionate about homeopathy and natural healthcare.

In Sept 2008 I went on my travels again to the tranquil area of Galway Bay in Ireland. The reason for this trip was to attend another seminar, with a homoeopathic Guru; Dr Ramakrishnan, who has a world-wide reputation for dealing with patients who have been suffering with some form of cancer. He has had great success with using his own protocol with homoeopathy. ‘Dr Rama’ as he likes to be known, travels the world lecturing and taking clinics as well as writing books and getting on with the job in hand - healing people with all sorts of ills as well as cancer. As I am seeing an increasing number of people who have had cancer, I felt this seminar was a must for my learning.

His teachings were so useful, and I have come away from this weekend with so much extra knowledge. Dr Rama talks of peoples’ journeys through life and how certain people are more susceptible to certain types of cancer. Lets face it most families have been touched in some way by this very difficult illness nowadays.

Many people are of course going down the conventional route of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and in these circumstances homoeopathy can help enormously with side effects, radiation burns, energy levels, immunity and general well being.

Homoeopathy is such a powerful system of medicine and yet so gentle however many people still do not realise it’s potential. I found this out many years ago when I started my journey into this holistic lifestyle and this ‘journey’ has certainly enriched my life, made me healthier and stronger, and through it’s course I have increased my own knowledge from some of the 'Masters' of the homoeopathic world.

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In June 2008 I achieved one of my greatest ambitions; to travel to the beautiful Greek island of Alonnisos, for a post graduate homoeopathic 5 day seminar, along with some 150 like-minded people from all over the world. This seminar has been held for the past 13 years by George Vithoulkas and his team.
Professor Vithoulkas has a wealth of knowledge which spans over 40 years and he has been honoured in many countries. For me the aspect of learning from this great man and being on a paradise island was a combination I could not resist.

My colleague from Cornwall and I met a Heathrow airport. We flew to Athens then went on by seacat to Alonnisos island, as it does not have an airport, and so I believe is one reason why it is still unspoilt today.
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We had lectures in the Academy, a purpose built lecture hall, which is in a beautiful and secluded complex, starting at 9.30am – 1.30pm. We then went to the beach and back again from 5.30pm – 8.30pm. So the day was full on into the evening too. The aim of the Academy is the education of medical students, practising doctors and other health practitioners in order to become classical homoeopaths.

As a professional homoeopath it is a requirement to keep up to date with Continued Professional Development (CPD); well what a way to achieve it!

The patients came from all over the world to see this knowledgeable and well respected homoeopath. Their health ranged from some being terminally or severely ill to some wanting to just keep healthy. We watched, took notes and learnt from this great man who took the cases of these people and prescribed them an individual medicine. As I have said many times, homoeopathy is a powerful system of gentle medicine which heals on all levels.

As well as furthering and improving our knowledge, we also had time to relax in the sunshine and have some fun too. What an experience, one I hope to repeat again someday.
For more information about the 'International Academy of Classical Homeopathy' in Alonnisos visit


The Holistic Centre here in South Woodham has been multi discipline for some 9 years, as well as HOMEOPATHY, we have FOOD INTOLERANCE & SENSITIVITY TESTING, CRANIAL OSTEOPATHY & OSTEOPATHY, COUNSELLING, HYPNOTHERAPY & PSYCOANALYSIS.
All the practitioners are qualified, registered and highly experienced in their field. We all have one aim, which is to support people in natural healing. The Practice is a welcoming, calming centre designed with relaxation in mind.


There is a room available 1 day per week for another Holistic Therapist to join our team. This allows you to run your own business as you see fit but have the support and company of other like minded people to work alongside. Suitable for an Acupuncturist, Bowen Therapist, Nutritionist.
Please give Jan Taylor a call 01245-325312 or email from this website

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