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Exam Stress, Anxiety, Homeopathy can help!

We are at the time of year when the pressure is on for a lot of young people, exam stress can make you feel tired, angry, frustrated and down. It’s all very well people saying ‘try to relax’ but everyone goes on about success and you can feel like the only person who is not coping. You can walk into the exam room and everything you have been studying for months seems to freeze and it’s impossible to recall it.

Did you know that homeopathy can help? Homeopathy uses natural remedies and some can alleviate the mind block and panic, and as we are all different, certain remedies work for some people and different ones work for others. You may have tried over the counter remedies which may have worked for your friend but not for you. This is the beauty of homeopathy - it tailors remedies to your personal traits and character. So if ten people come to the homeopath for the same thing they will likely all be given different remedies. In the meantime here are some tips to help you –

  • Take breaks – you can only absorb information for so long before it become confusing. Walk away for ten minutes, have a drink of water or make a cup of tea.

  • Junk food and alcohol do not help - but plan a night out when the exams are over.

  • Sleep patterns – Take time to relax before going to bed, have a leisurely bath, that way you should fall asleep rather than lie there worrying about all the work you have to do.

  • When you’re not studying do things you enjoy, maybe treat yourself.

  • And don’t forget, failing an exam is frustrating I know, but there are always re-sits, and it’s not the end of the world!

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